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Absolutely fantastic pillows, all of them! I am in love with the light pink elephant (and I'm not a kid either, hahaha), might I ask where you got the design?

As for spray adhesive, you could use a water soluble (school glue) glue stick, it won't hurt the machine.

From another happy 830 owner :)

Hi CJ, thanks for the comment. The pink elephant you like is from the Elepinks collection by OESD. Here is the link:

Wow, such great work. Love the pillows and would love to know where the elephants came from. Pattern? I have a tremendous admiration for your energy level. To travel that much,(which wears you out) then come home to the energy of little ones and also have something left to sew, phew, you are AMAZING. I had a HUGE birthday wed. I was 60 but still feel 40. But I do know I'd have to rest after a trip like that. All that sitting and hanging out in airports is so exhausting.

Hi Mara,
Love your cushions and your machine is super duper.
I'm trying to decide whether to upgrade my 25 year old Janome (and what to buy) or buy an embellisher machine first.
I assume your new machine is an Elna again??
Whenever I have done applique I have always fused the pieces down with vliesofix first, keeps them nice and steady while stitching.

Hi Mara!
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog regarding the Decision Portrait called Adoption. I left a response there but thought I'd better try to reach you through your blog. Here's what I wrote:

Dear Mara,
The word "yet" is only a transitional word in this context....a nice little word that hopes to bring flow from one paragraph to the next. Nothing else. I'm sorry you are reading more into it than was meant.

Almost every portrait in this series was shared with the "model" before it was posted on the blog. By this, I mean to say that I sent an email with photo attachments and a "rough draft" for the "statement". This gives the "model" an opportunity to see the work first and make suggestions about the "statement". If the wording had somehow conveyed the incorrect meaning or indicated that I "didn't quite understand what was being said to...me...by the subject", I think she would have mentioned it.

One of the greatest things about this series....and it is intentionally part of the concept....is the fact that all these portraits resonate with viewers differently. You are completely entitled to your opinion, your reactions, your dissatisfaction with my choice of words, and your response to the artwork. You are also totally "right" to think I don't understand what it is to be adopted, what it is to have adopted a child, what it is to have given a child up for adoption, or anything else about the subject. I have no first hand experience. Please know, however, that I mean no harm. Also, the "statement" are just blog posts. They are not going to hang beside each portrait when on view at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park in Charleston....though I'm hoping to have a binder with a statement for each piece available on a pedestal within the gallery space. Of course, these statements will largely be made up from the blog posts. It is my hope that people seeing the work in the exhibition will have exactly your experience....the ability to view, have a thought-provoking experience, and react. What a person takes from the art is his or her choice.....yet another decision.

I hope you understand.
Thanks for your feedback.

Lovely cushions, Mara!
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I took your advice!

Thank you again, Mara. I did get a reply after involving Moda too, which I have posted in the comments on my blog

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